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A group of immortals with snacks

A group of immortals with snacks

A group of immortals with snacks

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1915 ratings
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    A group of immortals with snacks
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    Qishi Book
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Today, on my 520 birthday, ye Hai gets a wechat group. The group is full of all kinds of immortals, all kinds of out of print limited weapons destroy the sky and the earth. Ye Hai sells everything to the heaven, ice cream, wine, barbecue and all daily necessities. Chang'e wants pillows, strip live with Zhu Bajie, stimulate, the Holy Lord wants to eat roast fish, play with the twelve spells, wild scarlet wants to drink, fight with the Dragon King of the East China Sea, and thunderbolt fire wants to have a barbecue, Give me the energy Amethyst. With this group, the world is not all ye Hai. Everything is mutually exclusive. What do you think, man? According to the regulations of the poison group, violators scold themselves as fools, second goods, learn dog barking in the live broadcast room, dance, split, burn eggs and smash eggs. There are many punishments, and immortals are also afraid of egg pain.

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