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Flood! Opening Pangu evolutionary world

Flood! Opening Pangu evolutionary world

Flood! Opening Pangu evolutionary world

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    Flood! Opening Pangu evolutionary world
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    Empty plume fantasy night
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    Free Novel!
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2022-06-26 05:02:42
When he woke up and opened his eyes, Yeyu found that he was supporting the sky and the ground with his hands. He was forced to support the sky and the ground. He could also feel that his body was overdrawn and weak what should I do? Dying in the beginning? Is everything going to end before it starts? How reconciled! Do you really want to die a teenager as a result, I met a shameless source of heaven. In order to inherit Pangu's last wish and support the world, I began to sell myself he said he would open a plug-in for Yeyu to ensure that he would not really die, but Yeyu died to support the world. After reincarnation, he found that the flood land was a little abnormal. The development was a little crooked. He began the journey of recognizing his "sister" while improving his strength... Dijun and Taiyi: "why does this man come to me? I want to kill him!" sister Wu of the 12th ancestor: "Dare to hurt my brother, demon clan! New hatred and old hatred count together, you're dead!" Nuwa: "don't look for me, I don't really belong to the demon clan, I didn't ask you to hurt my brother!" the sisters of Sanqing are on their way here now after they know... (this book doesn't develop completely according to the orthodox flood and famine plot!)

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