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Black Myth: restart the journey to the West

Black Myth: restart the journey to the West

Black Myth: restart the journey to the West

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    Black Myth: restart the journey to the West
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    Know a good Taoist
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    Happy Read
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There is a golden monkey on the reborn Huaguo Mountain SUN fan once thought that his future was the unbridled and rebellious saint of Qi Tian... Fighting against the Buddha until that day at the back of the so-called "Huaguo Mountain", he met an old monkey with ragged monk robes and love to tell stories "you must have heard the story about him..." "some people say that he helped monk Tang get the Sutra, sealed the fight and defeated the Buddha... And then stayed in Lingshan." "others say that..." "the man who became a Buddha is not him at all." "the real man... Died on the westbound road long ago." "others say... Traveling to the West." The old monkey in shabby robes sat on the stone platform and waved his hands. "It never happened." "he was just a story teller, a... Monkey!" "Oh." "Oh..." "but you must have never heard the story I want to tell..." - after the bones, he traveled to the west again pay tribute to Wukong biography, fighting God and black Myth: Wukong

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