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Huangliang Honglou dream

Huangliang Honglou dream

Huangliang Honglou dream

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  • Alternative names:

    Huangliang Honglou dream
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    Ouyang Jingxian
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    Yipin Books
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One is a fairy flower in langyuan, and the other is flawless. If there is no strange fate, I will meet him again in this life; If there is a strange fate, how can the mind end up empty? A vain cry, an empty worry. One is the moon in the water, the other is the flower in the mirror. How many tears can there be in my eyes? How can I stop autumn from flowing to winter and spring from flowing to summer Lin Daizhen, nickname: Tianzhen, milk Name: a Zhen. Word moon pool, small word ah Yong in the Dayu Dynasty, the eldest grandson of the Gusu Lin family, was a scholar in the 27th year of Tiande. He successively served as Dali Cheng. He was ordered by the emperor to go south to investigate the former governor of Yangzhou. All the stories begin here is he a powerful minister? His wife is a female emperor? Is he attacking the Huns? Genghis Khan? Destroy the golden kingdom? Beat little golden country? Defend Liao? The western expedition to Xia? Conquering the Western Liao Dynasty? Take back Tubo? Dominate the western regions?

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