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Workplace: the rise of intelligent manufacturing

Workplace: the rise of intelligent manufacturing

Workplace: the rise of intelligent manufacturing

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    Workplace: the rise of intelligent manufacturing
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    Deng Youwei
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    Mountain Book
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2023-05-05 17:10:50
Beautiful women marry in a right way; The house is full of gold; There are skills to make money; Workplace road insurance, surprise! Take off your career and use your heart [what will you gain from reading this book?] if you work hard in the workplace, I suggest you read this book. Deng Youqi, the protagonist of this book, works hard in the society through high EQ, technical ability and a little luck. I hope you can gain something after reading it and inspire your own life [why do you want to write this book?] in fact, why do you want to take the time to write this book? I want to share my social experience and workplace experience with people in need, help more people not be confused in the workplace, and grasp their choices at every intersection of life, because the content of this book involves all aspects of workplace, society and life , Focus on the in-depth analysis of the protagonist's choice and coping style, and strive to find a solution, so that readers can also gain from it [supplementary note] this story is purely fictional you are welcome to leave more messages when reading this book. I will try my best to reply when I see it. If you have a story to tell me, you can also confide in me thank you and wish you all success in your work and life!

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